Irene Hanley'

Irene Hanley

After working at ATV (now ITV) Irene became aware that it was difficult to crew up freelancers without a one-stop centre to do so. She then co-founded TOVS, which successfully solved this dilemma.

Still very much involved with the day to day running of the business, she works closely with the team to bring together a team that maintains its professionalism without losing its “good sense of humour”! Her Irish lilt and charming wit together with her never ending passion for the business make her the glue that holds us all together.


Chris Bentley'

Chris Bentley

Chris has been with TOVS since September 2016.

He brings a wealth of experience & bags of enthusiasm to the role.

Chris was no stranger to us as we were lucky to get to know him as a client via Princess Productions where he was the Studio Coordinator. Prior to that he spent time in Soho Post Houses and at various Production Companies.

Sharon McCain'

Sharon McCain

Having worked in creative businesses for over twenty years, Sharon has successfully evolved with the changes in the industry.

Sharon has effectively managed the day-to-day operations of facilities with up to 100 members of staff. Throughout her career she has developed a deep understanding of all departments.

Her experience has been across people management, project management, methodologies and processes.

Millie Smith'

Millie Smith

Millie is the newest member of the team here at TOVS she joins us as a Bookings Assistant. Millie is very much looking forward to getting to know all our lovely clients!

Lyndsay Bower'

Lyndsay Bower

Lyndsay is a relatively recent addition to the family. She has over 25 years of experience working as an accountant in this industry, seeing it from many sides, bookkeeper, auditor and client. Having learned her trade in an accountancy firm in central London she became the accountant of one of the post-production houses there. Getting fed up with the commute she decided to go freelance mainly working from home. Knowing Irene through her work at the post-production house, Lyndsay jumped at the opportunity to work with her when TOVS moved to Leavesden.