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TOVS was the first television freelance agency of its kind established in 1986 by two ex-ATV (now ITV) TV employees in order to have just one central number for booking freelance personnel. Recognised as the leading freelance staff suppliers, TOVS works with a wide variety of clients in TV and film from preproduction to postproduction. With our friendly staff and our quick responses to client requests we have established a reputation for ourselves as being helpful and efficient as well as being fun. So whether you are an employer or an employee please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.




After working at ATV (now ITV) Irene became aware that it was difficult to crew up freelancers without a one-stop centre to do so. She then co-founded TOVS, which successfully solved this dilemma.

Still very much involved with the day to day running of the business, she works closely with Marlen to bring together a team that maintains its professionalism without losing its “good sense of humour”! Her Irish lilt and charming wit together with her never ending passion for the business make her the glue that holds us all together.

Did you know...that Irene unknowingly met Dave Grohl on his wedding day in the 90s



An MA Advanced Theatre Practice graduate, Marlen has been part of the team at TOVS since early 2005. During this time she quickly progressed from Admin Assistant to Senior Bookings Manager establishing the trust of both the members and clients.

Striving to aid the wishes of the freelancers and clients in the most proficient way possible, Marlen manages the diaries as well as the team at TOVS Towers to ensure that everyone receives the exceptional service she prides herself on maintaining. Her astute and candid outlook along with her Mediterranean tenacity ensure that her dedication to the business grows stronger year after year

Did you know...that when Marlen was just 11 years old she starred on the West End Stage alongside Jason Donovan

Chris Bentley


Chris is the newest member of the team here at TOVS Towers & has been part of our motley crew since September 2016.

Whilst this is his first foray into the world of the diary service, Chris was not a stranger to us as we were lucky to get to know him as a client via Princess Productions where he was the studio co-ordinator for three years. Prior to that he spent some time in Soho post houses & so brings a wealth of experience & bags of enthusiasm to the role. 

Did you know...we were quite surprised to learn that Chris has NEVER owned a watch! We are pleased to report that this does not affected his ability to issue calltimes accurately...phew!