Finlay Milne



With a wealth of experience across a broad range of award nominated & winning programmes, Finlay is a highly skilled offline Editor. He is creative, versatile & fast with significant technical knowledge. He is fluent in Avid & FCP.

All of this means that Finlay is always ready to rise to the challenge whilst keeping his sense of humour.


Moors Murders

Finlay cut all three episodes of this True Crime archive documentary.
Nominated for BFE Cut Above Awards 2023:
Best Edited Series Documentary or Non-Fiction Programme

Map TV
for Channel 4
Break Point

Series 2, Episode 7 “Wimbledon Finals”

Box to Box Films
for Netflix

The story of the NHS in unprecedented times.
Taster tape & from day 1 of series 1.
Series 2, episode 1
Series 3, episode 2
EP: Simon Dickson
RTS Award Winner & BAFTA Nominated

for BBC Two

Giving viewers an exclusive insight into how West Midlands Ambulance Service deals with an ever growing population & its health extremes.
Series 2. BAFTA Winner

Dragonfly TV
for BBC One
Narco Wars: 'Narco Cult'

Nazario Moreno turns a drug cartel into Mexico’s first Narco Cult
Execs: Fred Hepburn/Ralph Perring

Wall to Wall
for Nat Geo
The Great British School Swap

In a radical experiment that explores racial segregation in Britain, pupils from schools in very different areas swap places
Episodes 1-3
Exec: Darren Kemp, SE: Martin Fuller

Top Hat TV
for C4
Educating Greater Manchester

A warm and honest exploration of what life’s like for students and their teachers at Harrop Fold, a secondary school at the heart of a changing community in Salford
Series 2

TwoFour Prods
for C4
Love & Hate Crime 'Honour Killings'

A death row convict denies a series of honour killings linked to his daughter, but secrets from his past tell a different story.
Series 2, Episode 3
Exec: Darren Kemp

Top Hat TV
for BBC3
Bring Back Borstal

A group of young offenders are put through a challenging regime to see if they can break their cycle of bad behaviour.
SD: Martin Conway EP: Mark Saben

Wall to Wall
for ITV
Trust Politics

Anthony Seldon draws up a manifesto to rebuild trust between politicians and the public.

BBC TwoDocumentaryEditor
Secret History: Who Killed Shergar

1 x 49 mins.
EP: Steve Carson. IFTA Nominated

Twenty Twenty TV
for Channel 4
Secret History: Exodus 1947

Using original American film of refugee Jews on their journey to Palestine.
EP: Claudia Milne

Twenty Twenty TV
for Channel 4
Art of Russia

Presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon.
EP: Basil Comely
BAFTA Nominated

BBC TwoArts DocumentaryEditor
Young Apprentice

BAFTA Winner

Boundless Prods
for BBC One
Observational DocumentaryEditor
40 Year Old Virgins

Following Clive & Rosie as they embark on a radical two-week course of sex therapy in the US. Will the highly skilled sex surrogates be able to help them in their quest to go all the way.
PD: Martin Fuller EP: Danny Fenton

Zig Zag TV
for Channel 4 & Netflix
Observational DocumentaryEditor
World's Strictest Parents

Unruly British teenagers are sent abroad to live with strict families in an experiment to find out the right way to bring up a child.
PD: Martin Fuller SP: Sam Whittaker
EMMY Winner

Twenty Twenty TV
for BBC
Observational DocumentaryEditor
Faking It: Alex The Animal

1 x 50 mins. Series 1
A young post Oxford student trains to be a hard man East End bouncer.
PD: Mike Warner EP: Stephen Lambert
BAFTA Nominated

for Channel 4
Observational DocumentaryEditor
Jamie's Kitchen

EP: Peter Moore
GRIERSON Winner & BAFTA Nominated

Talkback Thames
for Channel 4
Observational DocumentaryEditor
Conspiracy Files: 9/11 The 3rd Tower

1 x 60 mins. Delving into the final mystery a third tower at the World Trade Centre, which also collapsed but was never hit by an aeroplane.
SP: Mike Rudkin EP: Sam Anstiss

BBCDrama DocumentaryEditor
The Spy Who Conned Me

1 x 49 mins. Posing as an MI5 Agent for years, Robert Hendy Freegard lived a James Bond lifestyle while systematically destroying the lives of those who believed in him.
PD: Damon Thomas EP: Kate Bailiff

Century Films
for Channel 4
The Power of Art: Rothko

Simon Schama on Mark Rothko, King of the American Abstract Expressionists.
BAFTA Nominated

BBC ArtsDrama DocumentaryEditor
Age of Terror

Terror International: “The Entebbe Hijack
10 Days of Terror: “The Enniskillen Bomb”
2 x 59 mins
Exploring the impact & legacy of major acts of terror from the last 30 years
PD: Steve Condie

BBC TwoDrama DocumentaryEditor
Psycho: Kill Me If You Can

1 x 49 mins. The story of how a gifted teenager recruited his friend to kill him.
EP: Nick Curwin

Firefly Prods
for Channel 4
Drama DocumentaryEditor
The Mafia

2 x 50 mins. With remarkable access to FBI & DEA agents & former mobsters, get intimate detail on the cutthroat deals, gangland assassinations & secret rituals within the infamous global mob.

Wall To Wall
for Nat Geo & Channel 5
Drama DocumentaryEditor
Generation Jihad

Peter Taylor investigates the terrorist threat from young Muslim extremists radicalised on the internet.
PD: Leo Telling SP: Sam Bagnall
BAFTA Nominated

BBC TwoCurrent AffairsEditor
Dispatches: The Truth About Street Weapons

1 x 60 mins. 2008 saw a staggering number of teenage gang & knife attacks on Britain’s streets with a death toll comparable to that of troops fighting in Afghanistan & Iraq. This films follows Dr Tunje Lasoye, Head of Accident & Emergency at Kings College Hospital as he embarks on a journey across
Britain. He meets police officers battling against the rising tide of violence, the victims and those left behind.

TV Prods
for Channel 4
Current AffairsEditor
Panorama: You Can Run...But Can You Hide?

Reporter Simon Boazman sees first hand just how much data is being held on each of us & just how easy it is for it to end up in the wrong hands.

Evolve TV
for BBC
Current AffairsEditor
Panorama: Porn Wars

Britain has the toughest porn laws in the western world but can they really stop the tide of foreign porn.
RTS Award Nominee 

BBCCurrent AffairsEditor
Panorama: A Costly Cure
BBCCurrent AffairsEditor

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Avid: Symphony, Media Composer
Final Cut Pro (FCP)


Jazz and Blues musician. Non-smoker. Full driving license.