James Doggett

Assistant Editor

Edit Assistant

Post Production Supervisor


James is a a versatile senior post production professional with 15+ years of experience encompassing entire AVID workflow processes.

He has a solid background with excellent communication skills when dealing with customers & clients. He uses his initiative to ensure that deadlines are met to the exact standards expected for broadcast material. James is a team player who is equally at homeworking with minimal supervision.

James has devised workflows for production in pre-production and has years of hands-on operating experience across the spectrum; from wrangling rushes to transcoding them for Avid ingest, through to prepping a picture locked cut for final online, grade or mix. He is able to sync and multigroup rushes from larger shoots.

From a managerial standpoint, he is adept at finding efficiencies and helping streamline the post process.


Andrew: The Problem Prince

Workflow creation, Managing edits,
Media management, Milestone deliveries.
2 x 60′ for C4, 2 x 90′ for A&E

Fulwell 73
for C4 and A&E
DocumentaryWorkflow Manager/Assistant Editor

VFX Supervision, Schedules,
Post Production Management.
8 x 60′

October Films
for History Channel
Historical DocumentaryPost Supervisor
Break Point

10 x 60′

Box to Box
for Netflix
Sports DocumentaryEdit Assistant
From Devil's Breath

1 x 40′

for Peacock
DocumentaryPost Supervisor
Tea with the Dames

1 x 60′

Field Day Prods
for BBC
DocumentaryPost Supervisor
Convergence: Courage in a Crisis

1 x 100′

NetflixFeature DocumentaryPost Supervisor
Death in Bollywood

3 x 60′

BBC TwoDocumentaryPost Supervisor
The Psychedelic Drug Trial

1 x 60′

BBC TwoDocumentaryPost Supervisor
Winter Gold

6 x 50′

Insight TVDocumentaryPost Supervisor
Ed Stafford: Into the Unknown

5 x 60′

Discovery ChannelDocumentaryEdit Assistant
Stormtroupers: The Fight to Forecast the Weather

3 x 60′

BBC FourDocumentaryPost Supervisor
Millenium Children

1 x 60′

BBC OneDocumentaryEdit Assistant
Rachel Nickell: The Untold Story

1 x 60′

ITVDocumentaryPost Supervisor
The Romanians are Coming

3 x 60′

C4DocumentaryEdit Assistant
The Last Seabird Summer?

2 x 60′

BBC FourDocumentaryPost Supervisor
Three Wives, One Husband

4 x 60′

C4DocumentaryEdit Assistant
Exodus: Our Journey to Europe

3 x 60′

BBC OneDocumentaryEdit Assistant
Exodus: Our Journey Continues

3 x 60′

BBC OneDocumentaryEdit Assistant
Hugh's War on Waste

4 x 60′

BBC OneDocumentaryPost Supervisor
A Year on the Farm

4 x 60′

C4/E4DocumentaryPost Supervisor
The Cook Who Changed Our Lives

1 x 60′

BBC TwoDocumentaryPost Supervisor
Britain's Fat Fight with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

4 x 60′

BBC OneFactual EntertainmentPost Supervisor

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Career summary

July 2020 – Jan 2022
Grain Media
Role: Post Production Supervisor

James explains….My most recent role was 18 months as the post supervisor for Grain Media, overseeing delivery of several projects with a variety of workflows and embracing the new found challenges of remote editing! This was good experience to say the least. Things gradually settled back into a more conventional in-house Avid offline set-up across a few suites (with the occasional Adobe-based project), with us sorting turnover for external post. The nature of some content meant some very tight deadlines and occasional legal changes, meaning I had to further develop my ability to adapt and modify plans and included very regular comms and back forth with our post houses. Additionally, we had US-based GFX talent and co-producers on Convergence (for Netflix) so good planning and workflow was a must! My time at Grain involved working with shoots/rushes coming back from all over the world and in some quite tricky pandemic circumstances; I couldn’t be more proud to have been part of this set-up and the internal team dealt with every challenge fantastically. I have done more than a share of post delivery paperwork in this time too…

Select Post Supervisor credits:
Convergence: Courage in a Crisis (Netflix) – 1 x 100′
Death in Bollywood (BBC 2) – 3 x 60′
The Psychadelic Drug Trial (BBC2) – 1 x 60′
Winter Gold (Insight TV) 6 x 50′
From Devil’s Breath (MSNBC Films)

Feb 2015 – Feb 2019
Keo Films Ltd
Role: Head of Post Production

Department head for Keo Films’ Post Production, the multi award winning indie production company. Acted as a technical manager/post supervisor on a number of series, as well as managing the department on a daily basis.

Keo output during James’ tenure includes Britain’s Best Home Cook, Britain’s Fat Fight with Hugh FW & Hugh’s War on Waste, Eden, The Last Miners, Exodus: Our Journey Continues, Rachel Nickell: The Untold Story and A Year On the Farm.

Key responsibilities
· Maintaining 10 Avid offline suites.
· Worked as a project post lead on several projects
· Liasing with Glasgow & Bristol offices to support their post infrastructure/workflows.
· Main liason with 3rd party reseller (Editshare & Avid hardware)
· Main liason with IT support company. Integrating office solutions & troubleshooting.
· Managing the budget for the Post Production department
· scheduling LTO back-ups of all native rushes.
· Maintaining legacy content and archived output
· Scheduling offlines and delivery for final post
· Investigating new revenue streams
· post Production training
· Continued use of Avid in a support role when necessary
· Administrator for Adobe, Blackbird technologies and other 3rd party softwares.

Key achievements
· Upgraded suites for a high standard of offline output at very little cost
· Made very tight schedules work in various instances of unavoidable overun
· Worked on several award winning shows, including Bafta & Grierson winners