Laura Mills



A versatile editor with 15 years experience, specialising in documentaries, factual entertainment and comedy.

Laura also has vast short form experience with short films, music videos, branded content and corporates.

Experienced in Avid & Premiere Pro.


Lionesses: How football Came Home

1 x 90′. Gives unrivalled insight into England’s historic Women’s Euro 2022 victory, in their own words. Through touching and personal home movie footage, childhood stories and interviews with the players, Lionesses shows the real women behind the team now forever etched into football history.

Ad Hoc Films
for Sky Docs & Cinema
Feature DocumentaryEditor
Freedom: 50 Years of Pride

1 x 90’ Funny, shocking, and moving, this film tells the inspiring story of Pride and queer activism over the last five decades. With Olly Alexander, Bimini, Sir Ian McKellen and many more who were there.

BBC Studios
for Channel 4
Feature DocumentaryEditor
Journey to the West

1 x 90’ documentary exploring the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the UK.

IndependentFeature DocumentaryEditor
The ‘90s: Top Ten

A top ten countdown show recaping the best moments of the 90s.

Nutopia & Nat Geo
for Disney+
Factual EntertainmentEditor
Date Night

1 x 60’ Episode follows 3 hopefulls looking for love on dates

Dragon Fly
for Amazon Prime
Factual EntertainmentEditor
All Eyes On Us

1 x 60’ Episode follows TikTok influencers in the WaveHouse

Zandland Films
for Vice USA
Factual EntertainmentEditor
Stronger Connected

1 x 20’ Branded content documentary following their work in Zanzibar

World Mobile
for YouTube
Berlin Rent and Malaysia Sugar Book

2 x 5’ Short news stories about the Berlin rent cap and Malaysia Sugar Book industry

Vice NewsNewsEditor
Connecting Africa

1 x 20’ Branded content documentary following their work in Africa.

World Mobile
for YouTube
The Secrets of the Ark

1 x 60’ ‘Stolen by the Templars’ episode explores the whereabouts of the lost Ark of the Covenant.

Like A Shot Media
for Discovery Science
Historical DocumentaryEditor
It’s A Sin: After Hours Show

1 x 30’ Kemah Bob hosts as Russell T Davies, Olly Alexander and Lydia West reunite to talk about the legacy of the series and their special time filming the ground-breaking drama. Episode 5.

Spirit Media
for Channel 4
Factual EntertainmentEditor
The Story of Huawei

1 x 5’ Episode 1, exploring the history of Huawei.

for BBC
The Secret History of the Euro

1 x 90’ Current affairs documentary exploring the creation of the Euro

Taglight Media
Springshot Productions
Feature DocumentaryEditor
The Whole Truth

1 x 60’ Jordan Stephens hosts a groundbreaking conversation about mental health, music and systemic racism to mark World Mental Health Day 2020, featuring some of today’s most exciting Black British artists Edited three music performances.

Spirit Media
for Channel 4
Factual EntertainmentEditor
James and the Giant Peach, with Taika Waititi & Friends

5 x 20’ Taika Waiti reads James and the Giant Peach with Meryl Streep, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Hemsworth, Nick Kroll, Ryan Renolds, Cate Blanchett, Eddie Redmayne and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Roald Dahl Story Company
for YouTube
Forbidden Histories

1 x 60′ The Pyramid Code
1 x 60′ Nazi Raiders of the Holy Grail
1 x 60′ Hitler’s Occult Conspiracy
1 x 60′ Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle
1 x 90′ Mystery of Yamashitas Treasure

Like A Shot Media
for Discovery US/Yesterday
Factual EntertainmentEditor
The Circle

1 x 60’ editing reality scenes.

Studio Lambert
for CH4
Reality TVEditor
Eating With My Ex Celebrity Special

1 x 30’ editing dates together, featuring Kadeena Cox, Sam Gowland and Georgia Harrison

for Channel 4
Reality TVEditor
Love Island

9 x 60’ episodes, editing reality scenes and montage packages.

ITV2Reality TVEditor

Editing VT packages for live show

BBC1Charity FundraiserVT Editor
The Three Drinkers Do Scotch Whisky

3 x 30’ The Three Drinkers on a journey of discovery through Scotland, exploring the world of whisky in a way that has never been done before.

Booze Productions
for Amazon
Factual EntertainmentEditor
Extreme Love

2 x 60’ editing B and C storylines.

Barcroft MediaObservational DocumentaryEditor
Rich House, Poor House

1 x 60’ sync pulling and scene assembly editing.

Hattrick Productions
for Channel 5
Factual EntertainmentAssembly Editor
Reggae Fever

1 x 60’ documentary exploring the British reggae music genre and the career of Radio DJ, David Rodigan. Also featuring Damien Marley, Brinsley Forde and Don Letts.

Somethin Else
for BBC4
Hate Thy Neighbour

6 x 60’ for US and UK broadcast. Observational documentary intercut withstand-up comedy. Comedian Jamali Maddix meets far- right controversial groups across America

Vice UK & USAComedyEditor
Sound and Vision - Afrobeats

1 x 30’ Billie JD Porter explores how important UK Afrobeats has been in renewing a sense of pride in African culture. Featuring Fuse ODG, AfroB, Eugy and Team Salut.

Siren Productions
for Channel 4
Brexit Stage Left

1 x 30’ Observational documentary intercut with stand-up comedy. Featuring Comedian Jamali Maddix and friends as they travel around Europe post Brexit vote. 1 x 60’unseen best bits.

Vice UK & USAComedyEditor
Happy Man

3 x 20’ A presenter led documentary intercut with stand-up comedy. Featuring Comedian Jack Rooke as he explores male identity, mental health and body image

Trigger Happy Christmas Special

1 x 30’ hidden camera show featuring Dom Joly

Spirit Media
for Channel 4
Going the Distance, A Honeymoon Adventure

200 hours of media, 2 languages and 120 interviews to sort. Part travelogue, part cross-cultural story-finding, and part scientific experiment.

Winner: Gold Award, International Documentary Feature; International Movie Awards (2014)

Official Selection : Sofia Menar Film Festival 2014,  MicaFilm Festival 2014,  Adventure Travel Film Festival 2015

GTD ProductionsDocumentaryEditor
The Man From Mo Wax

The film follows James Lavelle’s music career.

Official Selection : SXSW 2016, Melbourne International Film Festival and the BFI London Film Festival.

CaptureDocumentaryAssistant Editor

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