Roger Dacier



Roger has over 30 years experience as both an offline and finishing editor of many different genres of primetime (& not to mention award winning) factual & entertainment programmes in a calm & cheerful cutting room even under pressure.

He is strong at simplifying complex ideas; assessing rushes and developing stories, setting the right tone, working with character & performance, using footage from single & multi-cam shoots, archive, covert, graphics, CGI, audio actuality, voice-over and music.

Roger is a keen & imaginative storyteller who is not only highly organised but has a lightness of touch and sense of humour. Experience counts!

He also has a set up at home for remote editing.


Island Crossings

Life in the outer Hebrides through the eyes of the islands’ residents. 2 x 60’

for BBC Scotland
Observational DocumentaryEditor
Rick Stein’s Cornwall S3

Rick Stein reveals the Cornwall he knows and loves, championing its food, culture and history. 1 x 30′

Shine TV
for BBC Two
Factual TravelEditor
Blackpool's Dance Fever

The behind the-scenes story of Blackpool’s dance world and the place where Strictly stars are born. Narrated by Ricky Tomlinson. 1 x 60′

Little Dooley
for BBC One
Observational DocumentaryEditor
Herald of Free Enterprise

An investigative documentary as to why the Ro/Ro ferry capsized just minutes after leaving harbour, Killing 193 passengers and crew.
Tom Cook – Series Producer. 1 x 90’

for Channel 5
Specialist FactualEditor
Leila Navabi: Funny, Gay and Welsh

Leila Nevabi on being a young, gay Welsh stand-up comedian. 1 x 30’

Tuesday's Child
for BBC Wales/3
Authored DocumentaryEditor
World’s Most Scenic River Journeys

(Series 2)
Narrated by Bill Nighy, hitching rides and meeting people who work on beautiful rivers of the world. 2 x 60′

for Channel 5
Factual TravelEditor
Win The Wilderness

6 couples learn skills needed to survive in the Alaskan wilderness, and prove themselves worthy heirs to a home that will change their lives forever. 6 x 46′

for Netflix
Factual EntertainmentEditor
Harry and Meghan: An African Journey

Additional Editing of Tom Bradby’s exclusive with Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their 2019 royal tour of southern Africa. Actuality, interview, archive. 1 x 60’

for ITV
Current AffairsEditor
Alex Jones: Fertility & Me

Alex Jones personal investigation into the issues and latest science surrounding fertility.
Director: Anna Keel. 1 x 60’

BBC Scotland
for BBC One
Specialist FactualEditor
Victoria's Empire

Victoria Wood travels the old British Empire.
Producer: Ben Warwick. 1 x 60 mins

Tiger Aspect
for BBC One
Feature DocumentaryEditor
Stephen Lawrence: Justice For a Murdered Son

The events over 9 years leading to the conviction of two of Lawrence’s killers. 1 x 60’

ITV1Current AffairsFinishing Editor
When Moyles Met the Breakfast DJ's

40 years or British pop music through the eyes
of Radio 1 DJ’s. Prod: Jeff Simpson. 1 x 60 mins

for BBC One
Feature DocumentaryEditor
On Friendship

Sarah Cox explores how social media has changed friendship in the 21st century. 1 x 60 mins

Cactus TV
for Watch
Feature DocumentaryEditor
DNA Secrets Coronation Street

DNA tests reveal Corrie stars ancestry and unites them with family, fans and to each other.
Producer: Philip McCreery. 1 x 90’

Wall to Wall
for ITV
Factual EntertainmentFinishing Editor
Million Pound Properties

Who are the owners of the £1m London flats and Scottish castles. 1 x 60 mins

for Channel 4
Real Lives: Reunited

(Series 1) Reuniting people who shared extraordinary moments of recent British history.
SP: Simon Barnes. 3 x 30 mins

for BBC One
When Beauty Goes Wrong

Konnie Huq investigates glamour dreams turning to nightmares. 1 x 60 mins

BBC ThreeDocumentaryEditor
Eurosong: It's a Killer

Behind the scenes with singers, musicians, costumiers, designers in the build up to the Eurovision Song Contest.
1 x 60 mins

for SKY One
Observational DocumentaryEditor
Last Orders

A week in Coventry hospital looking at the short and long term effects of alcohol abuse. 1 x 60 mins

Evans Woolfe
for Channel 4
Observational DocumentaryEditor
Deals, Wheels and Steals

The world of rivalry between second hand car dealers.
2 x 30 mins

Attaboy TV
for ITV1
Observational DocumentaryEditor
The Wedding Fixer

Sarah Haywood, wedding planner to the rich and famous, helps ordinary couples plan for “the best day of their life” 1 x 60’

Little Gem
for W Channel
Factual EntertainmentEditor
Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun

Life on the Rock with Timothy Spall’s wry voiceover. Prod: Laura Stevens. 3 x 60 mins

for Channel 5
Observational DocumentaryEditor
Secrets of the Heinz Factory

Employees tell how the iconic factory produces 450 million cans of beans a year. 1 x 60’

Pi Productions
for Channel 5
Paddington 24/7

How railway workers at one of Britain’s busiest transport hubs deal with challenges such as overcrowding, fire, snow and a royal wedding.
Producer: Tim Pritchard. 10 x 60′

for Channel 5
Observational DocumentaryEditor
Home Sweet Home

20th Century British domestic architecture as
viewed by its architects and residents. 12 x 10′

Uden Associates
for Channel 4
DocumentaryEditor, online
Mythical Beasts: The Cyclops

Archaeological and scientific investigations of
terrifying ancient tales. Exec: Ian Holt 1 x 60′

Windfall Films
for Discovery
Traffic Cops (Series 9 & 14)

Multiple on the road action stories intercut
with retrospective police interviews. 5 x 60’

Mentorn Scotland
for BBC One
Observational DocumentaryEditor
Hitler & Hess

The story behind Hess’s in flight to Britain. 1 x 60 mins

for ITV
Historical DocumentaryEditor
What the Ancients Did For Us

Adam Hart-Davis examines the impact of Roman and Egyptian ideas and inventions. 2 x 60 mins

BBC OneHistorical DocumentaryEditor
Dracula's Bloodline

Tracing the history of Dracula and Vlad the Impaler in Romania. 1 x 60′

for Channel 5
Historical DocumentaryEditor
Who's Doing the Dishes?

“Humour, pathos and sheer WTF…these [editors] are TV ninjas operating at the peak of their powers” The Guardian. 3 x 60 mins

for ITV1
Factual EntertainmentEditor, offline
Inside Brize Norton

24/7 access to RAF from preparing for war to
entertaining the public. SP: Karen Brown. 3 x 60 mins

Dai4 Films
for SKY One
Observational DocumentaryEditor
Trust Me

Award winning film satire set in Hollywood. Written & dir by Andrew Kazamia. 1 x 104 mins

Film ComedyEditor
Gooseberries Don't Dance

Staring Ian Holm and Penelope Wilton. Directed by Andrew Kazamia 1 x 16′

Short Film DramaEditor, offline
TV Ads

Snack a Jacks; Kettle Crisps; Cruesli
5, 10 and 30 second versions

Pan European
Promos & Trailers

For BBC, ITV, Disney, Cinenova


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Avid Offline / Grade / Unity, Isis, ForScene, ScriptSync


Boys from the Smelly Stuff – 1 x 60min for BBC 1/Come Dine with Me – 3 series for C4/Your Money Or Your Life – 2 series for BBC2/Property Ladder – 2 series for C4/House Guest in the Sun – Series 1 for C4/Challenge Anneka – 1 x 60min for BBC 1/Shirts of 66, 1 x 60min for Bravo/When Russell and Katie Get Married for C5/How do they do it? 8 x 60mins for Discovery/Botched Up Abroad – 1 x 60min for C5/Jack Docherty Christmas Specials, 2 x 60min for C5/ 9/11 New York Stories – 1 x 60min for BBC3/ Decisive Battles of the Ancient World – 6 x 30mins for BBC1/The Frost Interviews – 5 x 60mins for BBC1/It’ll Be Alright on the Night for ITV/Tarrant on TV for ITV

2007 Best Editing – Universal Film Festival USA – Trust Me
2004 Silver Editing Award – Houston World Short Film Festival – Everything
2002 RTS Award Finalist – Terror Sex and other New York Stories
2001 New York TV Awards Commendation – Hitler and Hess
1998 RTS Award Winner – Last Orders
1996 RTS Award Finalist – First Sight: Caravan Kids