Rosie Bewley

Edit Assistant


Rosie is an experienced Edit Assistant and Technical Operator skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer and Video Editing.


Traitors S2 (UK & NBC)

Location Edit Team.
Capturing streams using Cinegy, back up and ingest of all recorded media from production, exports and MIV pulls.

Studio Lambert
for BBC & Peacock
Reality TVEdit Assistant
Love Is Blind UK S1

Location Edit Team.
Using mRes & EVS XS-NEO to capture 64 streams, back up and ingest of camera cards using the 3:2:1 workflow.

for Netflix
Reality TVEdit Assistant
Formula E Ldn 2023 BTS

Ingesting (Mimir), organising and logging all BTS rushes.

Formula ESportMedia Manager
Banged Up S1

Location Edit Team.
Capturing streams using Cinegy, back up and ingest of camera cards, exports and scene pulls.

Shine TV
for Channel 4
Factual EntertainmentEdit Assistant
Untitled Mike Leigh Feature

Applying CDLs and ingesting rushes for the edit as well as other general assistant jobs for the IO room.

Fulwell 73/
Creativity Media
Feature FilmIngest Operator
Dinner Dates


Hat Trick Prods
for ITV
EntertainmentEdit Assistant
Next Level Chef (UK & FOX)

Location Edit Team Supervisor.
Capturing 36 streams using Cinegy and Quadrus, QC.

Studio Ramsay
for Fox and ITV
EntertainmentEdit Assistant
Married at First Sight UK

Syncing using Avid and client assistance.

for Channel 4
Reality TVEdit Assistant
Are You The One?

Music Replacement for International episodes.

MTVReality TVEdit Assistant
Jamie Oliver: Cookbook Star


Jamie Oliver Prods
for Channel 4
EntertainmentEdit Assistant
The Curse


Shiny Button
for Channel 4
ComedyEdit Assistant

Back up and ingest of location media and syncing in Avid.

Lime Pictures
for ITV
Reality TVEdit Assistant
Geordie Shore Reunion

Backing up and ingesting camera cards on location, capturing stream media using Cinegy and writing media to LTO.

Lime Pictures
for MTV
Reality TVEdit Assistant
Morning Live

Ingest Assistant.

BBCEntertainmentEdit Assistant
Geordie Shore S29


Lime Pictures
for MTV
Reality TVEdit Assistant
Celebrity Ex On The Beach UK S2

Location operator backing up and ingesting camera and audio cards, capturing streams using Cinegy, grouping in Avid and writing media to LTO.

for MTV
Reality TVEdit Assistant
Celebs Go Dating

Backing up and ingesting camera cards on location, capturing streams using Quadrus, Syncing.

Lime Pictures
for Channel 4
Reality TVEdit Assistant


Intermission FilmsTrailerEdit Assistant
Songbird (Alright Now)
Dir. Jamie AdamsFeature FilmTrainee Assistant Editor

For all bookings please call (+44) 020 7287 6110 or email


BA (Hons) Film, Falmouth University, 2015 – 2018.
Learned by doing a practical led degree where I made and mostly edited a variety of different films using both Avid, Premiere Pro and After Effects.


Certified User in Avid Media Composer
Adobe Premiere Pro
DaVinci Resolve
Adobe Media Encoder
Storage DNA



Evolutions, 2019 – 2023.

Location Operator and Supervisor
– Alongside office work, I’ve worked as DIT on location. This involves card backup and live capture of the rig cameras using Cinegy and Quadrus.
– In August 2022, I worked as a supervisor on Next Level Chef for the US and UK series, where we captured mains and parity of 36 streams.
– This required me to work abroad with short notice and long hours including nights.

Finishing and Mastering Operator
– General support of the online creatives, prepping offline picture lock sequences for audio and online, DVD creation, QC checks, conforms and creation of master files for delivery.
– An excellent understanding of different broadcast specifications, our departmental workflow and a high attention to detail was required to meet the programmes specific deadlines for channel.

Edit Support Operator
– The main tasks in this role include but are not limited to syncing, grouping, NEXIS media management, exporting sequences, mic and sync pulls, troubleshooting Avid issues with Avid software and suite hardware, including supporting clients working remotely.
– Occasional jobs involved replacing music for international shows and project coordinating.
– Gained a greater understanding of how each process can affect the other within the wider company workflow, helping me become more meticulous and precise in my work.

Media Support Operator
– Responsible for backing up, converting and ingesting media digitally using Avid and automated Ingest as well as archiving deliverables to LTO.
– Achieved ‘Employee of the Month’ in this role in February 2020 for my positive and calm approach to high pressure situations and great work ethic.
– In 2021, trusted to be temporary supervisor of the department for 2 weeks, taking on the responsibility of ensuring work was completed, staff could manage their daily workload and I liaised with our bookings team to help with the smooth running of the department.
– Progressed into a senior position in 2020-2022. This role had me assisting colleagues and aiding in up-skilling, training and taking on higher responsibility jobs such as archiving entire projects upon their completion.
– This role required an excellent knowledge of codecs and a good understanding of converting media in Davinci and Adobe Media Encoder.

Songbird (Alright Now), 2018.

Trainee Assistant Editor
– Set up and maintained the smooth running of the edit suite ready for each day.
– Fulfilled many assistant editor jobs, such as but not limited to:
– negotiated quotes on additional content such as animation for the trailer
– organised bins and media within Avid
– ingested and synced media
– created dailies
– exported QTs for viewings

Data Wrangler
– A DIT, data wrangler role where I covered the main DIT on set, backing up and wiping camera cards using ShotPut Pro, completed syncing in Davinci Resolve and basic QC of rushes as they came in to flag any issues to the camera crew as soon as possible.
– Worked effectively so that the crew always had enough cards on set, which required high levels of communication with the runners.