Stephen Goodall



Stephen has a vast range of experience from offline to online work.  He is a very personable and client focused individual and the sort of person you would be very comfortable sitting next to in an edit suite.

He has experience on documentaries, magazine shows in addition to a huge variety of sport. His passion lies in spending weeks in offline edits crafting long-form documentaries, all the while offering his creative input and making the experience enjoyable. Stephen can be set up at home for remote editing.

He has been editing for many years and is familiar with all Avid suites.


Sue Perkins Lost In Thailand

With humour but also passion, Sue travels through the unexpected byways of Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Coming Up Roses
for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Surgeons: A Matter of Life or Death

A Matter of Life or Death was the most astounding thing on TV last night. The cameras showed us a man with a highly aggressive mouth tumour  who was facing just months to live without surgery – which involved having his lower jaw, teeth and most of his tongue sawn off…Phenomenal’ – The Times.

Brinkworth Prods
for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Amazing Railway Adventures with Nick Knowles

Nick tells the extraordinary stories of the people and the railway as he travels through the stunning canyons of the Sierra Madre on El Chepe Express through Sinaloa and Chihuahua, Mexico.

for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms

Property makeover show in which carpenter Mark Millar transforms clients’ kitchens and bathrooms into their dream spaces.

Pi Prods
for Channel 5
Factual EntertainmentEditor, offline
Our Victorian Christmas

From the tree to the turkey, Christmas has its roots in the Victorian era. A heart-warming festive treat, full of historical background and revealing detail.

for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
New York: The City That Never Sleeps

Featuring the colourful array of people, places and events that make up the Big Apple.

for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
All Stars v Rock Stars

A squad of well-known sporting names go head-to-head with school kids in a series of multiplication shoot-outs to teach the nation maths through technology.

BTEntertainmentEditor, offline
Wartime Britain: Keep Calm & Carry On

Living history show combining archive & academics with a modern day family experiencing the trials of 1940’s life on the Home Front.

for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
The Real Full Monty on Ice

Celebrities take their clothes off in a Blackpool extravaganza to highlight the importance of checking their bodies for cancer.

ITV Studios
for ITV
EntertainmentEditor, offline
Story of the Songs

Illuminating the life of Madonna, the Queen of Pop, by examining how three of her biggest hits were composed & recorded.

for Reelz
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Coca Cola: Top of the Pops

Made with unprecedented access, this 90 minute special tells the extraordinary tale of how a murky brown, cocaine-laced medicine became the best-selling soft drink of all time.

Elephant House Studios
for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
The Wonderful World of Chocolate

Features include a trip to the mountain home of Toblerone, why rabbit droppings led to Smarties and an artist who makes sculpture out of chocolate.

Elephant House Studios
for Channel 5
Factual EntertainmentEditor, offline
Drain the Oceans

Combining archive footage and digital re-creations to reveal how Japan dominated the Pacific during WW2, crushing the Allies.

for Nat Geo
DocumentaryAdditional Editing
Billionaire Kids on Holiday

The kids who don’t just visit the zoo, they own it, have their own Ferrari, but no licence and eat ice creams covered in gold leaf.

Elephant House Studios
for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Massive Engineering Mistakes

Series 1 & 2 – Popular science series uncovering the epic fails and near misses engineers would rather not talk about, investigating why they went undiscovered and how they can be fixed.

for Science Channel and Quest
Factual EntertainmentEditor, offline
Fiennes: Return to the Nile

An epic test of grit, courage and determination, following the explorer Ranulph Fiennes as he retraced his 1969 expedition, in the company of his distant cousin Joseph, the Handmaid’s Tale actor.

Woodcut Media
for Nat Geo
DocumentaryAdditional Editing
Police, Camera, Auction!

Looking behind the scenes at proceeds of crime auctions, following the criminals, their victims and the law in action.

ITV Prods
for ITV
DocumentaryAdditional Editing
Phenoms: Africa

Film following four footballers preparing for the World Cup 2018.

for Fox TV
Observational DocumentaryEditor, offline
The Kings Cross Fire: 6 Hours That Shocked Britain

Witnesses recall the tragic events of November 1987.

ITN Prods
for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Council House Crackdown

Following investigators as they track down social housing tenancy cheats, reclaim homes and give them to people in need.

for BBC One
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Shannon Matthews: The Mother's Story

Additional editing. Revealing the true character of the woman who was behind the kidnapping of her own daughter.

ITN Prods
for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
On Benefits

Three episodes for Series 4. Far from being ‘poverty porn’, the show featured amongst others an old punk living the quiet life in Glastonbury, a singing dog & a psychic ‘on the sick’!

ITN Prods
for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
The Other Side
Channel 4DocumentaryEditor, offline
Money Programme: Lancer Boss
BBC TwoDocumentaryEditor, offline
Scrapheap Challenge
for Channel 4
Factual EntertainmentEditor, offline
No Truckin' Holiday

About travel around South America.

Travel ChannelDocumentaryEditor, offline & online
BBC OneCurrent AffairsEditor, offline & online
Savouring Mexico
Robert Golden PicturesDocumentaryEditor, offline
Naked SA
YoYo Films
for BBC Two
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Equinox: The Lean Burn Engine
Channel 4DocumentaryEditor, offline & online
Joan of Arc: The Truth
Channel 4DocumentaryEditor, offline & online
Forever England
CentralDocumentaryEditor, offline & online
Amsterdam by Night
Golden Eye
for Channel 4
DocumentaryEditor, online
Watercolour Challenge
Channel 4ArtsEditor, online
Life Without End
BBC TwoDocumentaryEditor, online
Russia's War
for Discovery
DocumentaryEditor, online
Understanding Iron
Dawkins Associates
for GlaxoWellcome
CorporateEditor, offline & online
A Sense of India
Resource Base
for Channel 4
DocumentaryEditor, online
True Stories: Konkordski
Channel 4DocumentaryEditor, online
Cutting Edge: It's a Boy!
Channel 4DocumentaryEditor, online
Beat the Ancestors
FIVEFactual EntertainmentEditor, online
This Morning
ITVDaytimeEditor, offline, online & grade
Let's Play Darts for Comic Relief
ZeppotronLight EntertainmentEditor, offline
I'm a Celebrity...Jungle Diaries
ITVReality TVEditor, offline & online
Trolley Dollies
for Living TV
Reality TVEditor, offline
Isle of the Princess
RolexCorporateEditor, online
Training PresentationCorporateEditor, offline
The Challenge
FIVEMagazineEditor, offline
Art Club
CNNMagazineEditor, offline
London Fire BrigadeCorporateEditor, offline
Cricket's Greatest
Pitch InternationalSports DocumentaryEditor, offline & online
Away From The Ring
Box NationSports DocumentaryEditor, offline, online & grade
European Tour Weekly
IMGSportEditor, offline, online & grade
Destination Brazil
Pitch InternationalSports DocumentaryEditor, offline, online & grade
The Heart of Football
TWIDocumentaryEditor, offline
CNNSportEditor, offline
Champions League
UEFASportEditor, offline
On the Ball

Feature inserts.

ITVSportEditor, offline
ESPN Classic

Launch programmes & promos for new channel.

ESPNSportEditor, offline

For all bookings please call (+44) 020 7287 6110 or email


Stephen has a degree in History of Design & the Visual Arts.