Todd Dalton



Since November 2006 Todd’s been a freelance editor operating Avid’s and Premiere Pro. He’s completed projects for delivery to the main UK terrestrial channels as well as for global transmission.

The short-form projects he’s undertaken have demanded a good knowledge of After Effects and/or layering in the NLE for compositing graphical elements. On documentaries and Panorama, Todd had to apply a sympathetic and understanding editorial style.

Todd has been very lucky in getting to work on many varied and interesting projects including BBC’s ‘State Of Chaos’ with Laura Kuenssberg, the VT inserts for ‘Have I Got News For You’ and edited for many years on ‘The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures’. He also feels privileged to have worked on the ‘Banaz’ and ‘White Right: Meeting The Enemy’ films for ITV which have both won International Emmy awards for best current affairs documentaries.

Todd can also work remotely with the following kit and software: Avid and Premier Pro on Mac (Mac is his preferred system), and it can connect relatively easily to USB-C or USB 3.0 drives. He also has Avid on Windows which can connect to USB 3.0 drives. For both systems he has a Grade 1 monitor and can do broadcast Onlines and even LUFs checking on audio.


Laura Kuenssberg: State of Chaos

A new series which explores the reasons behind some of the most dramatic and chaotic political events seen in a generation.

October Films
for BBC Two
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Made In The 80’s: Episode 3, Silicon Britannia

Offline editor on episode in a series of 3 for the Channel 4 anniversary year.

Rogan Prods
for Channel 4
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Naughty Tories Neil and Christine Hamilton

90’ doc reliving the Hamiltons’ cash for questions scandal of the eighties and nineties. Mixing archive with abstract recon and using political commentators and comedians.

Rex TV
for Channel 5
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Gay Under The Taliban

Documentary telling the story of 4 LGBTQ+ people living in appalling conditions in Afghanistan.

Rogan Prods
for Channel 4
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Love Your Weekend

Editor for selected episodes of a popular, returning Sunday morning magazine show with Alan Titchmarsh.

Spun Gold
for ITV
Factual EntertainmentEditor, online
L’Assassin De Ma Fille

About an unfortunate incident in a French/German family. Contributors in the documentary only spoke German or French and with the help of translators (both onsite and remote) as well as Avid’s Script Sync I was able to vocal edit.

Rogan Prods
for Netflix
Feature DocumentaryFinishing Editor
Boris Johnson: Has He Run Out of Road?

A very fast turnaround current affairs doc (the channel brought the delivery forward by 3 of 5 weeks).

Rogan Prods
for Channel 4
Current AffairsEditor, offline
The Great British Truck Up

One-off doc about the training of truck drivers to cover staff shortages.

Rogan Prods
for Channel 4
DocumentaryEditor, offline
Your Garden Made Perfect

Cutting edge technology reveals the paradise ordinary gardens could become.

for BBC Two
FactualEditor, offline
The Lost Tombs of The Maya

Co-production with NHK Japan. Albert Lin ventures into the Guatemalan jungle to explore how a new high-tech treasure map is revealing tens of thousands of ancient ruins.

for Discovery
Historical DocumentaryEditor, offline
Royal Institute Christmas Lectures

Location editor. Managing incoming footage from a wide range of sources. Quick turnaround VTs for studio insert reel liaising with EVS to transfer for inclusion in the programmes which were recorded as live.Often working alone with minimal briefing.

Windfall Films
for BBC Four
EducationalEditor, offline
Football’s Funniest Moments

Returning, popular list show.

for Sky One
EntertainmentEditor, offline
A League Of Their Own: Christmas Special

A fast-turnaround edition of the long-running show.

for Sky One
EntertainmentEditor, offline
The Secret Pyramids Of The Aztecs

Life of the Aztecs & how & why they built pyramids. Initially commissioned for Science,the programme also has versions for Channel 4 (2 x 60′), a TV France (1 x 90′) & multiple international versions.

for Discovery
Historical DocumentaryEditor, offline

Productions have included
– but not restricted to – Trans Kids, Aleppo, the 3rd Saville programme, Scottish Referendum, Legal Aid and A&E reports.

BBCCurrent AffairsEditor, offline
Exposure: Banaz

A re-cut for ITV’s Exposure. Currently on Amazon Prime.
Nominated: RTS Award. Winner: International Emmy.

Fuuse Media
for ITV
DocumentaryEditor, offline & online
Warship: Life At Sea

Channel 5 obs doc about life aboard a Royal Navy warship, HMS Duncan.

for Channel 5
Observational DocumentaryEditor, offline
Harry Hill’s Club Nite

Variety / sketch show / stand-up showcase hosted by Harry Hill.

for Channel 4
ComedyEditor, online

Exploration of great archaeological discoveries, fascinating ancient civilizations, forgotten architectural marvels and tantalising historical mysteries.

for Discovery
DocumentaryEditor, offline
There’s Something About Movies

Additional editor for comedy panel show, studio inserts.

for Sky One
ComedyAdditional Editing
A League Of Their Own Road Trip

Presenters Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff are back on the road. Series 3

Sky OneEntertainmentFinishing Editor
Engineering Blunders

Follows leading engineering journalist Justin Cunningham.

for Discovery Network
Science DocumentaryEditor, offline
Have I Got News For You

Pre-TX preparation of VT inserts for delivery to the studio.

Hattrick Prods
for BBC
Panel ShowEditor, offline & online
FIFA World Cup 2018

World Cup Update, a daily magazine programme that was delivered for world-wide broadcast.

Orchestra BlueSportEditor, offline
Britain's Greatest Hoaxer

A year in the making with Simon Brodkin.

Avalon TV
for Channel 4
Factual EntertainmentEditor, offline
The Fake News Show

Pre-TX preparation of VT inserts for delivery to the studio.

Hattrick Prods
for Channel 4
Panel ShowEditor, offline
ITV Tonight: Secrets of Car Insurance

1 x 30 mins

ITN Prods
for ITV
Current AffairsEditor, offline
Tipping Point

Multi cam.

ITVQuiz / Game ShowEditor, offline
Outrageous Acts Of Science

6 x 60 mins

DiscoveryScienceEditor, offline & online
Various SPORTS editing

Features for magazine programmes with international delivery & Premier League Channel news-style editing. Also hired for O.B. truck editing.

IMGSportEditor, offline & online
Promos & cross-channel trailers

FCP & Premiere Pro edit, finishing trailers & promos for international, multi-language delivery. Heavy use of After FX required.

DisneyChildrensEditor, offline
Dispatches: Cash vs Cards
Channel 4Current AffairsEditor, offline
Rogue Traders & Watchdog
BBCConsumerEditor, offline
This World: Spain's Stolen Babies
BBCDocumentaryEditor, offline
Lessons In Hate and Violence

1 x 60 mins

Hard Cash Prods
for Channel 4
DocumentaryEditor, online & grade
Stargazing Live

Location edit on FCP. Quick turnaround required of short features for inclusion in the live show. Doubled as the VT op during TX. Schedule meant a heavy workload with little chance of correcting for any mistakes plus overcoming operating at very high altitude (14,000 feet).

BBC 2Outside BroadcastEditor, offline
Post Office Undercover

1 x 60 mins

Hard Cash Prods
for Channel 4
DocumentaryEditor, online & grade
The Comedy Annual


ITVLight EntertainmentEditor, offline & online
In the Night Garden

Amongst team of Smoke operators HD onlining, fx compositing & grading.

for BBC
ChildrensEditor, offline
Active Training Team films

The films were shot on Digi Beta or HDCam, with good quality production values & full crews & required cutting as short-form dramas.

CorporateEditor, offline & online (including BaseLight grade)
50 Years Of The European Championship

1 x 60 mins

UEFASports DocumentaryEditor, offline & online
The Secret Life Of Chaos

1 x 60 mins

Furnace Prods
for BBC
DocumentaryEditor, online & grade

2 of 4 episodes using multi-cam – FCP.

Disney ChannelQuiz / Game ShowEditor, offline
Who Dares Wins

National Lottery programme.

12 Yard
for BBC One
Quiz / Game ShowEditor, offline & online
Are You An Egghead?
12 Yard
for BBC Two
Quiz / Game ShowEditor, offline
BT Vision
Premier LeagueSportEditor, online
America's Cup
IMG MediaSportEditor, online & grade
Frank Lloyd Wright: Murder, Myth & Modernism
World of Wonder
for BBC Three
DocumentaryEditor, online & grade
I Didn't Divorce The Kids

Title sequence in Smoke. 3 episodes.

BBCFactualEditor, online
Sisters in Law

Original rushes contained x-ray damage on some reels which were fixed in Smoke. Film shown at Cannes 2005 in “Director’s Fortnight”. Winner: Prix Art Essai.

Vixen Films
for More 4 & Film 4
Feature FilmEditor, online
Virtual History: The Secret Plot to Kill Hitler

Titles, some graphic elements & fx composites (except CGI footage) in Smoke. Nominated: Focal International Award. Winner: Emmy Award for Graphic & Artistic Design.

Tiger Aspect
for Discovery
DocumentaryEditor, online
Louis Theroux Meets...

Jimmy Saville, Paul & Debbie & Chris Eubank eps.

BBCDocumentaryEditor, online & grade

3 x 60 mins

BBCDocumentaryEditor, online

For all bookings please call (+44) 020 7287 6110 or email


Avid and Premiere Pro.
Todd is also happy to discuss projects that use FCP, DaVinci and After Effects.

EXPERIENCE: Employment
2005 -
On-Line Editor in Symphony, Adrenaline, DS Nitris and tape suites.
Oasis TV
2003 -
On-Line Editor in Smoke suite, Avid suites, and tape suites.
1999 -
On-Line Editor in Symphony and tape suites.
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