James Doggett

Edit Assistant,Post Production Manager

Contact Details

For all bookings please call (+44) 020 7287 6110 or email hello@tovs.co.uk

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James is a a versatile senior post production professional with 15+ years of experience encompassing entire AVID workflow processes.

He has a solid background with excellent communication skills when dealing with customers & clients. He uses his initiative to ensure that deadlines are met to the exact standards expected for broadcast material.  James is a team player who is equally at home working with minimal supervision.

James has devised workflows for production in pre-production and has years of hands-on operating experience across the spectrum; from wrangling rushes to transcoding them for Avid ingest, through to prepping a picture locked cut for final online, grade or mix. He is able to sync and multigroup rushes from larger shoots.

From a managerial standpoint, he is adept at finding efficiencies and helping streamline the post process.

Selected Credits

Ed Stafford
Into the Unknown
DocumentaryDiscovery ChannelEdit Assistant
5 x 60'
The Fight to Forecast the Weather
DocumentaryBBC4Edit Assistant
3 x 60'
Millenium ChildrenDocumentaryBBC1Edit Assistant
1 x 60'
Rachel Nickell: The Untold StoryDocumentaryITVEdit Assistant
1 x 60'
The Romanians are ComingDocumentaryC4Edit Assistant
3 x 60'
The Last Seabird SummerDocumentaryBBC4Edit Assistant
2 x 60'
Three Wives, One HusbandDocumentaryC4Edit Assistant
4 x 60'
Exodus: Our Journey to EuropeDocumentaryBBC1Edit Assistant
3 x 60'
Exodus: Our Journey ContinuesDocumentaryBBC1Edit Assistant
3 x 60'
Hugh's War on WasteDocumentaryBBC1Edit Assistant
4 x 60'
A Year on the FarmDocumentaryC4/E4Edit Assistant
4 x 60'
The Cook Who Changed Our LivesDocumentaryBBC2Edit Assistant
1 x 60'
Britain's Fat Fight
with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Factual EntertainmentBBC1Edit Assistant
4 x 60'

Additional Information

Career summary

July 2020 – Jan 2022
Grain Media
Role: Post Production Supervisor

James explains....My most recent role was 18 months as the post supervisor for Grain Media, overseeing delivery of several projects with a variety of workflows and embracing the new found challenges of remote editing! This was good experience to say the least. Things gradually settled back into a more conventional in-house Avid offline set-up across a few suites (with the occasional Adobe-based project), with us sorting turnover for external post. The nature of some content meant some very tight deadlines and occasional legal changes, meaning I had to further develop my ability to adapt and modify plans and included very regular comms and back forth with our post houses. Additionally, we had US-based GFX talent and co-producers on Convergence (for Netflix) so good planning and workflow was a must! My time at Grain involved working with shoots/rushes coming back from all over the world and in some quite tricky pandemic circumstances; I couldn't be more proud to have been part of this set-up and the internal team dealt with every challenge fantastically. I have done more than a share of post delivery paperwork in this time too...

Select Post Supervisor credits:
Convergence: Courage in a Crisis (Netflix) – 1 x 100'
Death in Bollywood (BBC 2) - 3 x 60'
The Psychadelic Drug Trial (BBC2) - 1 x 60'
Winter Gold (Insight TV) 6 x 50'

Feb 2015 - Feb 2019
Keo Films Ltd, EC1V 0BX, London
Role: Head of Post Production

As a department head for Keo Films' Post Production, the multi award winning indie production company. Here I acted as a technical manager/post supervisor on a number of series, as well as managing the department on a daily basis.

Keo output during my tenure includes Britains Best Home Cook, Britains Fat Fight with Hugh FW and Hughs War on Waste, Eden, The Last Miners, Exodus: Our Journey Continues, Rachel Nickell: The Untold Story and A Year On the Farm.

Key responsibilities

Maintaining 10 Avid offline suites.
Main liason with 3rd party reseller (Editshare & Avid hardware)
Managing the budget for the Post Production department
Scheduling  LTO back-ups of all native rushes.
Maintaining legacy content and archived output
Scheduling offlines and delivery for final post
Investigating new revenue streams
Post Production training
Continued use of Avid in a support role when necessary

Key achievements

Upgraded suites for a high standard of offline output at very little cost
Made very tight scedules work in various instances of unavoidable overun
Worked on several award winning shows, including Bafta & Grierson winners

March 2007 – October 2014      
Rapid Pictures, London W12                                                 
Role: Operations Manager

Continued hands-on experience as a technical operator, but in charge of a team of tech assistants and runners. Overseeing delivery to channels for TX as well as continued weekly offline management and support.

Key responsibilities

AS-11 implementation upon move to DPP and continued staff training and production of said format delivery.
Prime operator of all on-premises VTR models and kit hire set-up as required.
Liasing between offline, audio, online and grade for seamless final post.
LTO BU of client's native media
DVD authoring and menu creation for numerous corporate productions.
Edit suite upgrade and efficiency. Managed Editshare server.

Key achievements

Oversaw delivery of hundreds of hours of broadcast television
Company soared in size and reputation during this period
Key part of some major in-house technological updates as industry paradigms changed.